Tennessee, Tennessee, Ain’t No Place I’d Rather be!

Sunshine Daydream farm has passed it’s first birthday in the great state of Tennessee! To celebrate I have decided to start a website and blog to share all the excitement with whoever may be interested. My adventures in homesteading officially started in Hidden Valley, AZ where I had my little 2 acre start to self sufficiency. I had a blast trying to cultivate that little piece of dirt but alas, I missed the green and trees of my youth in Wisconsin, and felt I needed not only more land but more rain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t hack the climate of the great white north except in June, July, and August. But, I began looking at relocating somewhere just as green but much warmer. Before long, the forest and streams of Tennessee called. Never having been to the state I was fairly confident it was going to be perfect. After all, The Grateful Dead had told me for years in  “Tennessee Jed” that there “Ain’t No Place They’d Rather Be”. Good enough for the Dead is good enough for me! Ok a little more thought went into it than that but thats boring stuff. So, we sold a lot of what we owned and most of our livestock, bought a house and land sight (and state) unseen, packed up 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and six chickens (who I couldn’t bear to part with) and headed East.

The drive to Tennessee took a total of 2 days. We left out around 5 a.m. and hit Dallas TX around 2 a.m. the next morning. We stayed at a nice place in Dallas that was a converted apartment complex. I highly recommend this when traveling with animals. We had our own entrance which is very nice when you are trying not to look like the Beverly Hill Billies. I am not sure you can really avoid people getting this image when you roll up with a trailer full of farm equipment, 2 cages of chickens and one of your 2 dogs is a Bloodhound, but I tried. This attempt at covering up my farminess in the city all came crashing down at 4 a.m. when both the roosters I brought decided to crow and wake up rest of the guests. Did I mention 2 of the chickens I couldn’t leave behind were roos? So we didn’t get the much needed sleep we planned for and headed back out after letting the kids swim for a while. The rest of the trip saw us crossing the state line for the first time ever at Memphis around 8 p.m. and getting to our new homestead around 11.pm. The rest is history. I feel like I belong on this land in a meaningful way. The beauty of Tennessee is something to be marveled and life here can be challenging but, it rains and things grow which is pretty much all you can ask for sometimes.

Now that you have a blow by blow of our moving adventure, let me tell you a little about the current Sunshine Daydream Farm and the family. I am a 32 year old mom of 2 humans and many fur and feather babies. I have been working toward self sufficiency and off grid living for the past decade. I am still a long way off but along the way I have managed to teach myself how to raise livestock, garden, can, and much more. I try to do as much as possible from scratch. I homeschool my 2 boys and we love to learn and teach others. I hope this site will help someone, somewhere whether you live in town and want some farm fresh recipes, or are starting your own homestead and want to learn how to harvest meat chickens. If nothing else, you can laugh at my mistakes and think I am a crazy person like 90% of my friends and family do. Welcome, and enjoy a little Sunshine Daydream!


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